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Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children

Cover imageConsultation: ends 18 August 2017

A draft of updated Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children guidance is now available for consultation. Feedback is welcome on any aspect of the guidance from anyone with an interest in children’s dental care. Feedback received through this consultation will be carefully considered by the Guidance Development Group and the guidance revised accordingly before publication. Please download the guidance consultation draft and provide comment using the online feedback form by Friday, 18 August 2017. Alternative formats of the feedback form are available on request by emailing scottishdental.cep@nes.scot.nhs.uk.

Telephone interviews: During the consultation, short telephone interviews with individuals involved in the provision of children’s dental care will be carried out to inform future implementation of the guidance. If you are interested in being interviewed, please email triads@nes.scot.nhs.uk providing your name, your role in children’s dental care, location and phone number.

The aim of the guidance is to  assist and support Primary Care practitioners and their teams in improving and maintaining the oral health of their child patients from birth up to the age of 16. At present the guidance is a consultation draft for comment only. Therefore, any changes to practice should only be considered after the final version is published.

Guidance Development

A Guidance Development Group comprising individuals from relevant branches of the dental profession and two patient representatives has been convened to update this guidance.

Guidance Development Group

Name Position
Barbara Chadwick (Co-Chair) Professor of Paediatric Dentistry, Vice-Dean, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
Nicola Innes (Co-Chair) Professor of Paediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Dundee
Paul Ashley Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London
Sarah-Louise Blackwood Patient Representative
Dafydd Evans Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry, University of Dundee
Timothy Cooke Senior Dental Officer, Public Dental Service, Nairn, NHS Highland
Brett Duane Associate Professor in Dental Public Health, Trinity College, Dublin
David Conway Professor of Dental Public Health, University of Glasgow
Martin Foster Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry, Children’s Dental Service, NHS Lothian
Alex Keightley Consultant and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry, Edinburgh Dental Institute
Peter King Childsmile Programme Manager (West Region)
Ray McAndrew Associate Medical Director – Dental (retired), NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Derek Richards Consultant in Dental Public Health, South East Scotland
Marguerite Robertson Patient Representative
Margaret Ross Senior Lecturer for Dental Care Professionals, Edinburgh Dental Institute