Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children - Downloads


Supporting Tools

A number of supporting tools are included in the full guidance to assist the dental team follow the guidance recommendations and to work with families and children. These are available to download here.

  • Care Checklist (pdf 850k) - going through this one page checklist for each child patient is a means of confirming that the care you provide includes all of the essential elements of the assessment, prevention and the management of caries.
  • Prevention Log (pdf 850k) - shows the specific actions that should be carried out at each visit to effectively deliver comprehensive preventive care. Keep a record of completion of each action by noting it in the log.  Alternative version (Word 260k).
  • Caries Prevention Reminder by Age (pdf 1MB) - a summary of preventive interventions appropriate for children year-by-year from birth to 16 years of age.
  • Template Letter for Health Visitor/School Nurse/General Medical Practitioner/Child Protection Advisor (Word 28k) - can be adapted for use when contacting other agencies to request advice and multidisciplinary support in the ongoing dental health management of a child or when dental neglect is suspected.

For further explanation, refer to the full guidance.

Additional Resources

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