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Decontamination into Practice guidance series

March 31, 2015

Cover imageThe updated Decontamination Into Practice guidance series, the final part of which was published in October 2014, now comprises:

Introduction – newly updated to reflect the progress that has been made in recent years.

Part 1: Cleaning of Dental Instruments – now up to date with current requirements for compliant local decontamination units.

Part 2: Sterilization of Dental Instruments – published in 2011.

Part 3: Managing Decontamination in Dental Practice – a new addition that introduces a

  • Checklist to help assess your decontamination management policies, procedures and records, and
  • Templates to compare with or to adapt to supplement your current documentation.

The checklist and templates are all accessed via the Practice Support Manual.

Appendices – updated in October 2014 with the latest back ground information, contacts and references.