The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) is an initiative of the National Dental Advisory Committee (NDAC) and part of NHS Education for Scotland (NES). SDCEP provides user-friendly, evidence-based guidance to support dental teams to provide high quality healthcare that is safe, effective and person centred.

To develop and test interventions to enhance the translation of guidance recommendations into practice, SDCEP works in partnership with the Translation Research in a Dental Setting (TRiaDS) collaboration and the Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network (SDPBRN).

Please browse our site to learn more about SDCEP, how we work and the guidance we have published or that is in development.


  • Management of Dental Patients Taking Anticoagulants or Antiplatelet Drugs

    SDCEP has published new guidance (August 2015) to assist dental practitioners in the management of treatment for patients who are taking anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs. A webinar about the guidance is also available to view. Follow the link to read more and to access the guidance.
  • Antibiotic Prescribing Trial

    The Translation Research in a Dental Setting (TRiaDS) collaboration recently conducted a randomised controlled trial (RCT) evaluating the effectiveness of different Audit and Feedback strategies in reducing dental antibiotic prescribing by primary care dentists in Scotland.
  • Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Diseases in Primary Care

    New guidance on the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases in primary care was published in 2014. Supporting tools include a video to help dental professionals encourage patients to improve their oral hygiene.
  • Information for Patients

    SDCEP recognises the unique contribution that patient views can make to the guidance development process. Follow the link to find out more about how patients can become involved in the development of SDCEP guidance.
  • Management of Decontamination

    SDCEP has developed a suite of documents to assist practices in creating the necessary documentation for decontamination management. These are available online via the SDCEP Practice Support Manual.
  • Management of Acute Dental Problems

    Available in several formats, this guidance provides decision support to identify any immediate attention or advice to give to a patient and to determine the appropriate provider of subsequent care. Access it online or download the various formats.
  • Combined Practice Inspection

    The Combined Practice Inspection (CPI) for dental practices in Scotland was first introduced in January 2013. SDCEP is assisting with the process of reviewing and updating the CPI.
  • Practice Support Manual

    The Practice Support Manual (PSM) is a website developed by SDCEP to support dental practice management. The PSM aims to help dental teams keep up to date with legislation and professional regulations and prepare successfully for practice inspection.

Latest Scottish Dental News

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