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A short supplement to the Oral Health Management of Patients at Risk of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw guidance is now available. The supplement provides recent estimates of MRONJ incidence in patients treated for cancer, osteoporosis or other conditions, and updated information on drugs that might be associated with MRONJ.

The supplement was developed following a scheduled review of the guidance topic, which identified recent studies reporting on MRONJ incidence and on various drugs associated with MRONJ. Stakeholder feedback indicated that up-to-date information about these would be helpful to inform risk assessment and discussion with patients. The patient information leaflets provided by SDCEP have also been updated to reflect this.

The detailed review did not, however, identify any evidence or other information that would warrant changing the key recommendations or clinical advice in the guidance. Therefore, the 2017 edition of the guidance remains essentially unchanged and extant.

The MRONJ guidance supplement, updated patient information and details of the review process and findings are all available on the MRONJ guidance webpage.

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