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SDCEP dental companion

The Dental Companion brings SDCEP’s evidence-based guidance to your mobile device. The mobile-enabled Dental Companion website joins the SDCEP Drug Prescribing for Dentistry website as a handy way of accessing SDCEP’s dental clinical guidance. A shortcut via your mobile device home screen can be created to provide quick access to the website.

The Dental Companion presents four diverse guidance ‘toolkits’ based on the following SDCEP publications:

Each toolkit includes the key recommendations from the full published guidance, with supporting tools such as flowcharts and links to patient information.

The Dental Companion was launched in 2019, providing easy access to SDCEP guidance via either a mobile app or web-based resource for desktop computers. The Dental Companion app was replaced in April 2023 by an upgraded, mobile-enabled version of the Dental Companion website, developed with NES Digital. This single resource delivers the same content as the Dental Companion app and previous Dental Companion website, with similar functionality and provides better user experience across devices. Being a website, accessing content requires an internet connection.

All Dental Companion app users should now access the Dental Companion via the website (URL: The Dental Companion app is no longer supported or updated and should be deleted from all devices.

For further information about the development of the Dental Companion, or to report any issues, please contact us:

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