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Periodically SDCEP invites individuals to participate in the development of guidance on a new topic or the updating of existing guidance.  For this it is useful to maintain a list of individuals who have expressed an interest in this type of activity.

If you are interested in participating in SDCEP’s work as a member of a guidance development group, please contact the SDCEP office.

Similarly, if you would like to suggest a new topic for guidance development or are keen to be included in our consultation process, please contact the SDCEP office.

Working with SDCEP

SDCEP Guidance Development Roles and Responsibilities(PDF). This document provides information about the development of SDCEP guidance and SDCEP’s expectations of Guidance Development Group (GDG) members, the GDG Chair and members of the SDCEP team.

All those who participate in SDCEP projects are asked to provide their contact details, complete a Declaration of Interests form(Word) which includes SDCEP’s Policy on Potential Conflicts of Interest, and confirm that they have read and understood the SDCEP Guidance Development Roles and Responsibilities document.

Partner programmes