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Information for Patients

Patient about to receive dental treatmentSDCEP aims to support the delivery of safe, effective and patient-centred oral healthcare by providing guidance that is based on the best available research evidence. SDCEP guidance is developed by groups of individuals with particular expertise or interest in the topic, assisted by our Programme Development Team.

Understanding and addressing the patient perspective is central  in the development of SDCEP guidance. Consequently, where possible, SDCEP invites one or more patient representatives to join the guidance development group (GDG) for a new guidance topic. SDCEP may also obtain patient views via interviews, focus groups or from relevant advocacy groups. Patient representative bodies are invited to comment on any aspect of the guidance during the consultation period, during which comments from any individual patient or healthcare professional are also welcomed. Further information about how SDCEP develops guidance.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the SDCEP guidance development process, or if you would simply like more information, please contact us.

Patient Resources

For some topics, in addition to the guidance, SDCEP has provided patient-focused resources to assist in following the guidance recommendations:

Dental advice for patients prescribed anti-resorptive drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis or other non-malignant diseases of bone(PDF)  Accessible version(Word)

Dental advice for patients prescribed anti-resorptive or anti-angiogenic drugs for the treatment of cancer(PDF) Aaccessible version(Word)

Warfarin and Your Dental Treatment(PDF)     Accessible version(Word)

Antiplatelet Drugs and Your Dental Treatment(PDF).   Accessible version(Word) 

NOACs and Your Dental Treatment(PDF).    Accessible version(Word)

Your Oral Health – Prevention of Gum Disease(PDF)   Accessible version(Word)

Diabetes and Your Oral Health – Prevention of Gum Disease(PDF)    Accessible version(Word)